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Advanced Custom Business Report

Competitive Analysis, Market Trends and Economic Indicators

US$ 650
US$ 455
  • Online local competitive analysis Customized detailed analysis of local competitors in your segment
  • National sector analysis Popular nationwide products, services, and trends in your segment
  • Latest market trends for SMB’s, Retailers and Food & Beverage
  • Set of 30 economic indicators with our exclusive actionable analysis and data visualization
  • Tailored digital marketing actions for your online strategy
  • Access to our latest Monthly Economic Indicator Analysis Reports FREE
  • Actionable Data Intelligence – your custom report will give you straightforward tools and analysis to take action!
  • Save hundreds of hours trying to analyze and compile information on competitors, market trends, economic indicators, and digital strategies and at a fraction of the price of ONE market research!

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Online Customer Experience

Virtual Assistant Services for SMB Online Customers

  • We can answer website e-mail requests from your customers
  • We can interact with customers and prospects on your social media profiles
  • We can monitor and respond to online reviews of your establishment
  • We can transform all your customer information in data intelligence
  • We can offer CX customized for SMBs at a much better value than virtual assistants
  • We can also monitor reviews from your competitors to gather market intelligence
  • We can offer service in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Our plans start as low as $89/month, and we offer a 7-day free trial!

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